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PFA lined Valves for clean room applications: Ball valve GFT SPHERON9® SPI now also available in stainless steel
    PFA lined valves are used to shut-off and control highly corrosive fluids. Valves with stainless steel body have been successfully applied:
  • for clean room applications, where a painting free surface is required
  • in processes, where cast steel should not come in contact with the process fluid
  • if the atmosphere of the process plant is corrosive
  • Besides our ball valve SPHERON9® all our valves and our magnetic drive pump type AlMagnox CP can also be delivered in stainless steel e.g. CF-8M (1.4408) besides cast steel A216 WCB (1.0619). Kindly contact us in case you have any requirement.
PFA lined Ball Check Valve GFT CVB DN 200
Type: GFT CVB 200 Size: DN200 Pressure: PN10 Temperature: -10°C bis +150°C Casing: Steel welded construction Lining: PFA Ball: PTFE massive Position: Vertical Flanges: EN 1092-1, Form B1 Length: EN 558-1. R1 (600mm) Weight: appr. 200kg
PFA lined pump with magnetic drive:
We have extended our successful product range of GFT AlMagnon AMN magnetic drive pumps by the two sizes AMN 25-25-160 and AMN 65-40-200. With this we have achieved a significant improvement of the hydraulic coverage of our program and pump efficiency in the area of the very popular pumps with low flow/low head.


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GFT9 Exhibitions

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GFT9 Exhibitions


Dr. Mauer Werkzeugfabrik GmbH / Krefeld – Germany was set up to develop and produce highly specialized tools for quality and precision conscious customers in various industries like automotive, chemical and other industries. Precision, wear resistance and the reliability of our tools and devices are of the utmost importance to our clients.
Management-buy-out: Dr. Mauer Werkzeugfabrik GmbH
IMI InProTec Pte Ltd / Singapore was formed to built up a sales and service network for complete process plants and capital process equipment in Asia- Pacific and globally.
Advanced Fluoropolymer Devices GmbH / Kempen - Germany was set up to capitalize on the vast experience of the management team in the field of product development and transfer molding production systems for fluoropolymer materials such as PTFE, PFA, FEP and others. The SPHERON9© and other lined valves and pumps are developed.
German Fluorolined Technik GmbH / Kempen – Germany. As a logic consequence of our significant market, product design and production technology know-how GFT German Fluoropolymer Technik GmbH was set up to produce lined valves and pumps, especially mag driven pumps. Our production facility in Kempen/ Germany is co-shared between our production companies in order to minimize maximize adjacencies of our related businesses.


Our customers and co-workers are the decisive factor in our business. We quickly translate the needs of our customers into highly reliable and innovative standardized as well as custom made products that continuously help to reduce their total costs of ownership. Our core competence are high performance lined and other products for corrosive and/or abrasive applications and other special applications. The quality of our products driven by our lean production is our daily concern. In achieving our customers needs we are flexible and strive for continuous improvement of all business processes. We are dedicated to maintain and improve our cost efficiency by further strengthening our global sourcing footprint driven by a passion for short and reliable lead-times. We are close to our global customers with a global and well trained sales team. We prosper because of our highly motivated and trained employees and our satisfied customers. We look forward to exceed your expectations!


We continuously improve our quality to deliver products for your demanding applications. German Fluorolined Technik products are truly German engineered and produced products for highly demanding applications that can be of corrosive, abrasive, toxic and other properties that require products, that are highly reliable and produced under the most stringent quality procedures. For fluoropolymer lined products the key element of a reliable product is the high performance lining. Subsequently all our linings are done in our own production plant under the strict supervision of our highly experienced quality management. Our products are certified in accordance with the German Clear Air Act (TA-Luft), ATEX, SIL and other certificates. Our quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Please find more details about our certificates at downloads.

Transfermolding Technology

Our core competence is our own inhouse transfer-molding and our lining tools manufacturing. For more details kindly refer to the webpage of our sister companies